The Story of Providence Baptist Church

The history of Providence Baptist Church starts long before the first service in November 2015.  In fact, the narrative that leads to the founding of the church is precisely the reason that the church is named "Providence."  Providence is the Biblical truth that, even when we are not aware of it, God is working.  Every one of us has experienced it, yet so often we fail to take the time to identify the careful, intentional progression through the events and life stages that God uses to reveal His purpose in us.  Sometimes our doubt and lack of faith hinders us from seeing the eternal value in tragedy and loss.  On the other hand, when a child of God chooses to trust God with the past, present, and future, the bigger picture of the eternal purpose of God comes into view.  

Pastor Kyle Pope was a young teenager when God called him into the ministry.  His parents had sent him off to summer camp with the church youth group, but he was not necessarily excited about it.  The week consisted of early mornings, late nights, busy days, sub-par food, and lots and lots of preaching.  It took the entire week, but the Holy Spirit broke his heart for the need of Gospel preachers in this generation.  From that time forward, God began to make great changes in his heart and life.  After graduating from the Christian school, he went off to Bible College in Colorado Springs.  After four years of hard work and studying, he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Pastoral Theology.  He also married his wife, Celeste.  

The Popes were privileged to move back to New Mexico to work in the ministry of Gospel Light Baptist Church.  For nine years, they served in the ministry under Pastor Brent  Lenentine.  Both Kyle and Celeste had countless opportunities to work with people from every background and age group.  Those nine years were invaluable to their preparation.  After Pastor Pope's father passed away, God began to open new doors for their family.  The Lord made the need of church planting very evident to them, and God placed the Austin metro area on their hearts.  After a year of final preparation, the Pope family moved to Round Rock to begin this work.  

Providence Baptist Church is the daughter ministry of Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, NM.  The leaders and members of Gospel Light have fully supported this new ministry, believing that the mission of a church is to reproduce other churches.  Several other like-minded churches around the nation have also given their stamp of approval and vote of confidence to Providence Baptist Church.  God has continually blessed the efforts leading up to the founding of this church so much that "Providence" seemed like the perfect name.

The First Year of PBC

Providence Baptist Church held its inaugural service on November 1, 2015.  God truly blessed from the very beginning by bringing special people together to be a part of the church.  The congregation has consistently grown in number through the year, but the real growth has been in the spirit and strength of the church.  Though it has only been a year, the families of the church have grown together into a true spiritual family.  As a church, we have already taken several important steps in this first year, putting us in position for God to lead us into greater things in the coming year.  

On March 20, 2016, we held a Charter Service to officially and formally join together into a new church.  On that day, twelve families joined as charter members of the church.  Since that day, several other families have placed their membership at PBC.  After the Charter Service, the church took the necessary steps to organize as a legal entity in the state of Texas.  Since the completion of this process, the church has been able to take new and important steps of faith in our pursuit of the mission of the church.  Among these, the church has entered into an active missions program, contributing to the Gospel going to other parts of the world through spiritual, physical, and financial support of missionary families.  

We believe that the Lord has opened the door for us as we endeavor to reach this area with the Gospel of Christ.